Automatic curation

Thanks to this flexibility, it is possible to do partial automatic curation in order to strictly correspond to the ADF specification[adfa] or MAGE-ML specification[magf], and thus, ensuring correct file structure.
Additionally, this functionality can offer the possibility to the user to save data in correct new ADF files exactly matching with the ADF specification[adfa]. In order to indicate that the tool has processed the file and curated it, a tag will be added to the original file name. The new curated ADF files (or workbook) should have « _curated_ »between the filename and the file extension (adh, adr, adc or xls) to identify them in the filesystem.

If one-to-one relation between reporter and composite sequence, the composite data will be generated automatically from reporter data and consequently, the ADF CompositeSequences part (adc file or composites sheet) will be generated by the application.