ADF to MAGE-ML conversion

ADF files (workbook) will be convert MAGE-ML file or MAGE-ML files in ADF files [or workbook] as determined by the user.

Some additional groups of reporters and composite sequences will be created automatically during the conversion, from FeatureReporter and CompositeSequence items. There will mainly be grouped following the control type, the species, the chromosome and the chromosome brand. These groups will be used in the database for simplifying queries in the database of submitted data.

In case of ADF files conversion, the referencing DTD, describing MAGE-ML file structure, to output MAGE-ML files can be changed from the default location - MGED website[mgea] - by the user to another location, like a local one.
For the conversion from ADF to MAGE-ML, the created file will only focus on array design data. The MAGE software tool kit[magh](MAGEstk) is dealing with MAGE-OM[magg] objects. It converts MAGE-ML entities in MAGE-OM objects. However, for the conversion to ADF only a subset of MAGE-OM packages and objects is needed - those related to array description (nothing from Quantification Type, BioAssay, Biomaterial and so forth)-.