ADF creator helper

This functionality will help the user to create ADF file - corresponding MAGE-ML file, without having to create file by hand and thus, it will avoid errors and will compose a strict ADF specification compliant file.

Usually, submitter has features, reporters and composite sequences data in files from a spotter robot. So, the user should be able to import data from these specific files or to copy and paste data in relevant fields. Now, a lot of spotter robot output file formats exists. This tool will focus on gal format (Axon)[gal] support, but more file format could be added in the future.

By default, the composite data will not be handled by the user as usual application use case (G.E.), and will be created automatically. But, the user could have the possibility to add them directly, if he has a complex array.

The data could be display as in array design visualisation functionality:

Some biosequence annotations could be automatically added by retrieving data from EnsMart[ens] form or Gene Ontology (G.O.)[go] website -specifying the annotation version- .

The mandatory items change from a microarray application use case to another (application dependent), so the application will be asked to the user.

This functionality will not treat all microarray applications; it will focus following application cases: G.E., C.G.H and ChIP.