Application running mode

The application could be run in three different modes:

The both mode, "one at a time conversion" and "batch conversion", could be used from command-line (shell) or from a graphical user interface (see section 2.4).

This tool could therefore be used by submitters to create correct ADFs, according to the file format specification[adfa] and good usage[adfb], or to convert array design data from ADF to submit data in MAGE-ML format to public repositories. For curators, the tool could be used for sanity check on submitted ADF data files with an error report. It could also perform some automatic curation to match the file format specification.

In addition, this tool should allow the visualisation of array design thanks to a GUI, by simply display in "ADF format" way the data, of course, MAGE-ML files should be convert in ADF format before.