ADF Converter application functionalities and project objectives

The aim of this project is to provide a standalone application for array design data file conversion from ADF format (part 1.1.1) to MAGE-ML file format (part 1.1.2) or contrary).
There are two mandatory steps for the file conversion, because data must be in the correct format (syntax and semantics)and that data are correct before starting conversion process.

Figure 2.1: Conversion process.

So, the project application will mainly propose two functionalities:

  1. ADF and MAGE-ML file validation check, well formed (data structure) and validity (data) verification (see Annexe A.4.1 for ADF);
  2. dependent on 1.- data must be identified and correct- file conversion from a file format to the other one (ADF to MAGE-ML and MAGE-ML to ADF) (see Annexe A.4.2 for ADF).