Graphical user interface (G.U.I.)

After the command-line mode - and if there is enough time for it-, a GUI will be develop above the checking and conversing functionalities.

The GUI should be simple and easy to use.

So, to the basic functionalities of checking and conversion of a file or several files - even a whole directory -, a visualisation of an ADF (data containing in the three files) (see section 2.3.1) can be added. This new one is not for MAGE-ML files - MAGE-ML file are not suppose to be human readable-, directly, but it can be converted in ADF before it. Another functionality could be an ADF Creator (see section 2.3.2), to manage creation of ADF by the user.
So, the tool GUI is supposed to have the two main functionalities of checking and conversion. It could have also the array design visualisation functionality2.3.1 and the ADF creator2.3.2 functionalities.

Figure 2.3: GUI mode functionalities.